Strategies for contractors who want to drive profit in their business.

Each week we're bringing you our expertise in construction accounting, profit strategy and bonding. This show is for contractors both new and with generations of experience - join us.




Wade Carpenter, CPA, CGMA

CEO, Carpenter & Company CPAs

Wade has over 30 years of experience in public accounting, working with contractors from the smallest mom-and-pop companies to multi-billion dollar international firms. Wade excels at helping contractors achieve permanent profitability in their businesses.

Rob Williams

CEO, IronGate Entrepreneurial Support Systems

As a Profit Strategist, Rob helps bonded contractors get their business on the right track for successful futures. The unique insight he offers comes from years of experience running both successful and some not-so-successful businesses, combined with knowledge and formal training. 

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Stephen Brown

Executive Vice President, McDaniel Whitley Bonding and Insurance

Stephen has years of experience matching contractors to the right market, and actively teaches contractors how to maximize their bond capacity. McDaniel Whitley, Inc. offers exceptional market resources through insurance and surety bonding company partners for construction clients nationwide. No matter what the project size or complexity, Stephen enjoys the challenge.

SBrown@McWins.com   McWins.com   901.881.6464


Reverse Engineer Your Cash Flow

Simple changes to improve working capital

  • Find where cash is slipping through the cracks
  • Understanding the fundable growth rate model and how it applies to business growth
  • Understand the 7 drivers of cash flow to maximize working capital
  • How you can grow yourself out of business
  • What contractors can learn about cash flow from other industries
  • How to develop a short-term cash flow to help you run your business

Learn how to take home more, consistently.

Tired of the cash flow scramble? Don't worry about struggling to make payroll or pay taxes ever again.

Stop unknowingly self-sabotaging your profits.

You work hard on your business. Take control of your cash and get as much out of it as you put in.

Work with your natural habits to achieve your goals.

Learn how a one-time setup of an easy system can work with your natural behaviors to plan for real, permanent profit.