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The Challenges of Job Costing Labor

One of the challenges of implementing a job costing system is figuring out costing your labor. Where do you start?


A Visual Deep Dive into Cost Coding

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with contractors getting their job costing system set up properly is the cost code structure. Start here.


Money mindset: The psychology of profit in construction

Let’s talk about the psychology of money and how you can use your innate habits to control your construction company’s success.


How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your New Construction Company

This week on the podcast, let’s talk about how to successfully plan, launch, manage, and grow a new construction business.


How to Create a Rock Solid Bonding and Banking Relationship

In an industry where having solid financial backing and trust is crucial, getting these relationships right is not a bonus, it’s a necessity.


How to Create a Construction Chart of Accounts

The foundation of any robust construction accounting system lies in a well structured chart of accounts. Building one can be tricky.


Creating a Strategic Plan for Construction Contractors

This may be a slower time of year for you. That’s why it’s a great time to create a strategic plan for your company for the coming year.


Maximizing Margin by Full Kitting Your Construction Projects

Full-kitting is often associated with manufacturing. How can we use that concept in construction to maximize our profits?


7 Ways to Stop Bleeding Profit From Your Jobs

Even if you’ve got your bidding down, you may still be bleeding profits. What are the things to look for and what can we do about it?