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How to reduce injured worker claims in your construction company

Mac Bell joins us to talk about safety and how a good relationship with your insurance agent can help you avoid safety claims and save money.


10 Benchmarks to Drive Your Construction Dashboard

This week, we’re breaking down ten key gauges that provide insights into the health and efficiency of your company.


10 ways baseball teaches benchmarking for construction companies

We’re discussing what baseball teaches us about benchmarking including measuring success, analyzing losses, scouting players, and more.


8 ways contractors can drive value and prepare their company for the future

John Ratliff joins us this week! It’s never too early to think about the future of your business. Start taking steps TODAY to drive value.


50 questions to ask before starting a joint venture

By now you probably know the opportunities offered by a joint venture. But setting one up the right way is a different story. This week, we’re giving you a list of questions to consider before you start a joint venture and some of the possible answers. Don’t miss this info-packed episode! Topics we cover in…


What contractors should know about general liability and umbrella insurance policies

This week, we’re getting you up to speed with everything you need to know about general liability and umbrella insurance policies.


A Deep Dive into Working Capital for Contractors

What is working capital and why is it important to your bank and bonding company? Find out this week on the podcast.


Your triage checklist for a job that’s losing money

This week, we’re sharing triage strategies to limit the damage on a job that has gone off the rails and is losing money.


How to find the right joint venture partner

How do you find the right joint venture partner? This week, we’re breaking down the top ten factors to consider.