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What cash flow, profits and valuation mean to a contractor

This week, we’re breaking down three essential components of your company’s long-term health: cash flow, profits, and valuation.


Three contract terms to get paid faster

Alex Barthet joins us to talk about the three contract provisions that he sees as most important when it comes to contractors getting paid.


Communication essentials in job costing

The communication tips we’re sharing this week will help you get better, more timely job costing information.


The power of checklists in your construction business

This week we’re talking about the power of checklists, how to get started, what to track, and how get buy-in and keep your team accountable.


Vehicles and Tax Deductibility, Pt. 2

This week, we’re diving deeper into the most common questions and misconceptions about vehicles and tax deductibility.


What the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act means for you

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act is putting $1.2 trillion toward our country’s infrastructure. What does this mean for contractors?


Lease or buy? Vehicles and tax deductibility

This week, we’re discussing the pros and cons of leasing and buying vehicles, specifically when it comes to tax deductibility.


Construction Lessons from the Great Recession

We can’t predict the future but we can share lessons learned from the Great Recession, including how to protect from an economic downturn.


What’s going on in federal contracting?

New regulations, supply chain issues, and construction projects through military institutions: what’s going on with federal contracting?