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Year-End Planning for Contractors

Now is the time to do some crucial reporting and decision-making that will set you up for success over the next year.


Get out of the Survival Trap

Many business owners find themselves stuck in what we call the Survival Trap, and this week we’re talking about how to break out of it.


The Impact of Profit First by the Numbers

This week we’re going beyond the basic concepts and psychology behind Profit First, and into the real impact it can have on your construction business.


The Power of Documenting Your Projects with Special Guest Chad Gill

When it comes to disputes on the job, documentation is the best protection. That’s what we’re talking about this week with special guest Chad Gill.


Busting Common Profit First Myths, Pt. 2

Stephen, Wade, and Rob are back with a second episode on Profit First myths. This week they dive deeper into common misconceptions about the Profit First method, TAPs and working with a Profit First Professional.

What you should know before getting a bond

What you should know before getting a bond

This week we’re walking you through what you need to know to get bonds and go after the projects that will help your company grow.

Busting Common Profit First myths

Busting Common Profit First Myths

On this week’s episode, we’re tackling some common myths and misconceptions we’ve heard about Profit First.


Answering your questions about Profit First

On this week’s episode, we’re providing the answers to your questions about Profit First. What are the most frequently asked questions by contractors about implementing Profit First? Find out now, and don’t miss your chance to win a free copy of the book.

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Don’t become a target: Cybersecurity tips from IT expert Morrelle McCrary

This week, we’re focusing on one of the biggest threats to your business: cybercrime.