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A deep dive into construction gross margin

Let’s dive into gross margin. Learn the differences between gross margin and other similar terms, and why you need to track it.


How to build your bond program

A partnership with a trusted bonding company is an important piece of your strategic plan. Learn how to build your bond program this week.


Practical advice for building a Cash Flow Forecast

A cashflow projection or forecast can help you secure bonds and banking, and it can also serve as a roadmap to building a great business.


Financial Statement assurance levels contractors should understand

Financial statements can be done at four different assurance levels with various indications for your business. Learn about each this week.


A Surety Industry Update

We share some insights on the state of the surety industry, including why now is a great time to build a relationship with a bond agent.


Five ratios every contractor needs to know

This week we’re sharing the top five financial ratios contractors should know and how to use them in your business.

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Five controls to prevent fraud in construction firms

This week, we’re sharing the top five controls you can begin implementing today to protect your business and yourself.

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What you need to know about payment bond claims

Everything you need to know about filing a payment bond claim: when to do it, what information to include, and what happens next.

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How to secure your lien and bond claim rights with Ariela Wagner

Ariela Wagner shares some amazing tips to help you confidently manage your lien and bond claim rights and avoid costly mistakes.