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Signs You May Need to Upgrade Your Accounting Software

Have you outgrown your accounting software? And how do you start the search for the right software to replace it? Find out this week.


IRS Red Flags: Audit Triggers for Construction Contractors

Are you putting yourself at risk for an IRS audit? What kind of things do the IRS target for contractors? We’re breaking it down this week.


The Unwilling Banker: The Hidden Cost of Retainage

Is retainage holding your company back? Does it stunt your cashflow and growth? What can you do about it? Find out on this week’s episode.


Construction Safety & Workers Compensation Insurance Challenges and Solutions

Learn what Workers Comp can do for you, the most common type of claims, when to file a claim, experience mods, and more.


The Challenges of Job Costing Labor

One of the challenges of implementing a job costing system is figuring out costing your labor. Where do you start?


A Visual Deep Dive into Cost Coding

One of the biggest stumbling blocks with contractors getting their job costing system set up properly is the cost code structure. Start here.


Money mindset: The psychology of profit in construction

Let’s talk about the psychology of money and how you can use your innate habits to control your construction company’s success.


How to Build a Solid Foundation for Your New Construction Company

This week on the podcast, let’s talk about how to successfully plan, launch, manage, and grow a new construction business.


How to Create a Rock Solid Bonding and Banking Relationship

In an industry where having solid financial backing and trust is crucial, getting these relationships right is not a bonus, it’s a necessity.