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Smart ways to use and manage debt

We’re discussing the different types of debt, when it makes sense to use it, and the best ways to pay it down without affecting cash flow.


Common construction accounting setup mistakes

We explain where many contractors go wrong when setting up their books for the first time and how to avoid those common accounting pitfalls.


What cash flow, profits and valuation mean to a contractor

This week, we’re breaking down three essential components of your company’s long-term health: cash flow, profits, and valuation.


Profit First and Unexpected Expenses

We’re talking about how to address a cash flow shortage and how to prepare for similar situations in the future with the Profit First system.


Three contract terms to get paid faster

Alex Barthet joins us to talk about the three contract provisions that he sees as most important when it comes to contractors getting paid.


Communication essentials in job costing

The communication tips we’re sharing this week will help you get better, more timely job costing information.


How to recession-proof your bonding program

This week, we’re sharing the steps you can take now to keep your bonding capacity where it needs to be, even if money gets a bit tight.


Joint Checks in Construction

When you’re working with subcontractors and suppliers, joint checks can help ensure everyone gets paid. We’re covering the basics this week.


The power of checklists in your construction business

This week we’re talking about the power of checklists, how to get started, what to track, and how get buy-in and keep your team accountable.