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Mike Michalowicz on Why Contractors Should Use the Profit First Method

This week we’re joined by special guest Mike Michalowicz! Mike is the best-selling author of Profit First and Fix This Next. We talk with him about the Profit First cash management method, the behavioral science behind it, and why it works for contractors.


Why Good Character is Important for Getting Bonds

How important is character and reputation when it comes to getting bonds? More important than you might think. We discuss on this week’s episode.

Podcast Image, Maximize your Bonding Capacity

How to maximize your bonding capacity

In this week’s episode, Stephen, Wade, and Rob discuss what you can do to increase your bonding capacity – and what things could work against you.

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Creating Permanent Profitability with Ron Saharyan, Profit First CEO

On this week’s episode, we’re joined by special guest Ron Saharyan, CEO of Profit First and Co-Founder of Profit First Professionals.

Title - Fail.Management

Why Contractors Fail Pt. 2: Management

In this week’s episode, Stephen, Wade, and Rob are talking about the number one reason contractors fail: issues with management.

Title Key Construction Ratios

The key financial ratios that impact your bond ratings

In this week’s episode, Stephen, Wade, and Rob are talking about the key financial ratios that you need to be tracking in your construction business. They cover what the key ratios are, what they mean, and why they’re important.


Why Contractors Fail Pt. 1: Accounting

This is Part One of a series in which Rob, Stephen, and Wade discuss the reasons many contractors fail, and what you can do to avoid those all-too-common pitfalls. The first reason contractors fail ? Accounting.

Job Cost Title

Job Costing for Bonds

Wade, Rob, and Stephen discuss why job costing is important, their approach to doing it right, and why there isn’t a universal answer.

Joint Ventures Title

Joint Ventures in Construction: Why consider it?

Stephen Brown, Wade Carpenter, and Rob Williams discuss the advantages of joint ventures in construction.